Photo credit : Rémi Pailloux

I create ceramic and textile works in Toulouse, France. Working both at the same time allows me to alternate between a soft and delicate material and another that becomes hard and massive. These are for me two inseparable poles.

For ceramics, my pieces are all handbuilt using ancestral techniques of coiling, pinching and slab building. I appreciate this technique because it preserves the traces of the hands and their movements, which makes each piece unique. It’s important for me that the pieces also preserve the traces of the place where we live, the life around us. That’s why I integrate in my works wild clays, local wood ashes, granite, and other rocks found while walking around.

For textiles, I make bojagi (korean patchwork) by handsewing and I also create handwoven works using flax, nettle, wool and cotton yarns. The nuances of colors are obtained with natural dyes.

My works, often inspired by Korean culture in which I grew up, seek to evoke serenity and tranquility in everyday life.